#EmiTogether: Clara Veniard, CEO of Coro Foods, on finding moments to unplug

This week we’re excited to have Clara Veniard, managing partner of Grant Peak Capital, a small fund investing in small consumer businesses, and CEO of Coro Foods, a cured meat brand in Seattle, WA.  Clara’s passion for entrepreneurship began as the founder of a catering company and then as a Peace Corps volunteer working with entrepreneurs in Nicaragua. Outside of work, Clara has three daughters and loves the outdoors, cooking and traveling. Although she is a longtime Seattle resident, she is fluent in Spanish and French, is conversant in Portuguese and Mandarin, and has lived in 7 countries, including 5 years in China.

Read about Clara’s routines on unplugging from work, and check out her amazing (and tasty) selection of salamis and specialty meats at Coro Foods (perfect for that at-home date night!)

In light of what’s going on with COVID-19, WFH, and Social Distancing, what are some new routines or rituals that you’ve introduced as a family?

We go backcountry camping almost every weekend. It’s been a great way to get out of the house while still maintaining social distance. The kids have a great time and we enjoy being able to unplug after a week of zoom.

What are you doing intentionally for you and your partner to stay sane during this challenging period?

Both my partner and I work out every morning with a mix of cycling, running and strength work. I’ve particularly enjoyed longer runs while listening to a good audio book. After my run I can face anything!

Can you inspire us with something positive that came out of this situation?

We’ve really enjoyed less time shuttling the kids around and seeing our girls strengthen their relationship as sisters. For once, the girls aren’t running from activity to activity and are able to enjoy free play. I believe our three girls will have a stronger bond as a result of this experience.

Both my partner and I are also thrilled about rekindled friendships with friends in other parts of the country. Both of us are communicating on a daily basis with friends in a way we had not previously.

What are 3 things you want your children to say about the relationship you have with your partner?

  1. We love being with each other
  2. We tease each other
  3. We respect each other

What are you excited about most for the next several years with your significant other?

I look forward to adventures together, both in the outdoors near our home, but also traveling around the world. We also both love to cook and look forward to many amazing meals together.

Let us know if there are any initiatives your company is working on during this period that you would like to let our community know.

We regularly do fundraising events on our website to support our community with food and funds. We also actively look to hire people from a wide range of backgrounds, including former convicts, people with disabilities, and individuals from a wide range of ethnic groups.