Making Mother’s Day Special: Pandemic Edition

What does your family do for Mother’s Day? While some may normally mark it at home – maybe with breakfast in bed or a special dinner – mom is probably feeling a little tired of home, right about now. However many weeks your family has been hunkering down in keeping with pandemic-related precautions, we’re all feeling a little stir crazy. That’s all the more reason to make this a special Mother’s Day.

Since your options are limited, you’ll have to get creative, but don’t worry – we’ve got a few ideas. Show mom you care without turning the house upside down.

Re-Think Mother’s Day Brunch

Brunch is perhaps the most universal Mother’s Day tradition (even if there are jokes about how mom isn’t really a fan), but you’re not heading out to any restaurants this year. The good news is that many restaurants have turned to takeout to stay afloat during this time, so mom’s favorite restaurant might be offering hollandaise to go. States have even loosened up their liquor laws, so you can pick up the mimosas for brunch at home, too.

Flowers Go No Contact

Flower shops have had a rough time because of event cancellations, with one New York floral designer creating “flower flash” with unused flowers to brighten the city’s empty streets. That being said, flower availability will depend heavily on location, since many of the necessary supply chains have been disrupted. If you can find some flowers for mom, opt for a shop offering no-contact delivery. 

Of course, if you can’t get flowers, I’d commend one of my favorite childhood crafts – paper flower making. Carnations are simple enough for preschoolers, while even teens will enjoy more elaborate varieties, like tiger lillies. More importantly, you know mom will love them.

Say A Special Hello

Anyone can buy or make a card, but this might be the year to skip the generic message in favor of something a little more exciting like a unique digital greeting card from Cameo. Cameo predates COVID-19, but right now you can both have a favorite celebrity record a Mother’s Day greeting and have the proceeds go towards their pandemic relief fund. Famous figures offering up messages specifically for this campaign include chef Michael Symon, Grey’s Anatomy actor Giacomo Gianniotti, and NFL star Zach Banner among others.

Look For The Blessings

If there’s anything that this global pandemic puts into perspective, it’s the fact that we are lucky to be together – even in too-cramped apartments, every day for weeks on end. This Mother’s Day, then, look for ways for your family to be attuned to that blessing. Consider starting a scrapbook together or choosing another craft project (bonus, crafting is good for your anxiety). Does mom have a favorite craft? Considering trying your hand at knitting or painting or baking alongside her.

This is a strange Mother’s Day – mom will remember it no matter what. As a family, then, the key is to help her remember it as a day that injected a little joy, and ideally normalcy, into a strange and frightening time.