Date Night In Quarantine: Why It Matters – And How To Make It Work

At Emi, we love a good date night. No matter how long you’ve been dating or married, we know it’s important to set aside time for each other and to do something special. How do you date during quarantine, though? It may seem complicated, or even impossible, but there are actually many ways to have a quarantine date night if you’re willing to be creative.

For The Couple Home Alone

If you’re a childless couple isolating alone, planning a date night isn’t terribly difficult. In fact, the most significant barrier may be convincing your partner that you need one. And you do – just because you’re always together, that doesn’t mean you’re focusing on each other. But since you can’t go out, what should you do? 

First things first: put your phones down. We’re more tied to our screens than ever before, in an attempt to connect with people outside of our apartments. Date night is a time to put your devices away, though. Unlike during our hectic, normal days when technology can help couples keep the lines of communication open, under current circumstances, technology is a barrier to real connection.

Now that you’re tuned into each other, it’s time to get to the heart of the things. For your actual date, you might consider:

  • Dress up for dinner: Whether you order in from your favorite restaurant or recreate a fancy meal at home, dressing up for dinner is a good way to emphasize that you’re doing something special together – especially when you’ve been wearing sweatpants for days on end. 
  • Tune in to a show: Right now, a lot of musicians are holding online concerts, both free and paid, because their tours are cancelled. Check out who’s playing, make some drinks, and let yourselves be serenaded. 
  • Take a class: Dates that also give you a chance to learn something new are a favorite, and even though you can’t leave the house, you can still enjoy these activities. Whether you prefer a live art class on Instagram or want to learn how to mix the perfect cocktail, you’ll find a class online.

Date Night With Kids

If you thought dating in quarantine was tricky, dating in quarantine with kids at home is even more complicated. You can’t just hire a babysitter and hit the town and, depending on how old your kids are, waiting until they go to bed may be untenable. So, what can you do? Though there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, there’s a few tricks that can help.

  • Try a digital babysitter: This only works if your kids are old enough to interact with someone online and don’t need physical supervision, but I did it recently for a family I used to babysit for and it worked like a charm. Remember, your kids miss the people who were part of their lives as well. Set aside an hour where they can chat with a babysitter or relative, show off their projects, or even just eat a supervised dinner, while you and your partner have a glass of wine on the porch or read together in another room.
  • Have a movie night: With kids around, it can be easier to create a special experience for everyone to share in together, so why not put on a fancy movie night? Many new films are coming direct to streaming since theaters are closed, so set up the living room, craft tickets and popcorn boxes together, and then turn off the lights. Sure, the new Trolls movie might not have been your first pick for date night, but the evening will be special nonetheless.
  • Share a story: How much do your children know about how you and your partner met? Now might be the perfect opportunity to relive those early days, maybe even recreating special moments from those first dates through cooking projects or crafts. You and your partner will get to reminisce, while your kids will be absorbed by tales of their parents in their younger days.

There’s no right way to have date night at home, as long as you’re making a point of prioritizing your time together, so let yourself have fun and try new things. The point is to make memories, and not just memories centered on fear and isolation. Let yourself experience more during this time.