#EmiTogether: Emily Sauer, Founder of Ohnut on fostering good communication habits in a new relationship

Our interviewee today: Today we have Emily Sauer, Founder & CEO of Ohnut. Emily is a spritely entrepreneur who has always been passionate about creating catalysts that spark human connection. While developing Ohnut (an intimate wearable designed to help women and couples who experience deep dyspareunia) she co-founded the Lady Bits League and co-launched the Sexual Wellness Summit, to connect people and professionals from all over the sexual health world, through education and story. Emily has redefined her life as a proud entrepreneur, maker, community leader, and sexual health advocate.

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Length of time in this relationship:

8 months!

What are some myths about relationships that you grew up with, if any?

Well, to start off on a light note, one of my friends in high school took a deep dive into depression and unfortunately put all of his emotional weight on me through love letters – even though I wasn’t interested. For two years of this dynamic, I felt deeply responsible for his emotional state and blamed myself for turning his sadness into despair… until I finally broke down and told the school counselor. I guess that trauma stuck with me for a bit because I didn’t have my first boyfriend until I was 27! 

What has been a big challenge in your relationship, and what have you done to work on it?

Give it another year and I’ll let you know! So far we haven’t hit any huge roadbumps – no big loud arguments, no devastating tears. Our sleep schedules have been tricky as he finds his best creative time at night and I find mine in the morning, and the same goes with sex! Sometimes we get off track because we’re stressed or busy, or just tuning into our respective needs, so we decided not to default to being intimate at any particular time of day!

What are some positive relationship rituals and routines that you and your partner maintain?

My guy bought me the School of Life ‘Arguments’ book for this year’s holiday, which is kinda weird and also ironic because we never argue. That being said, it’s been an absolute gift to understand all different ways and reasons that people argue so that we can approach situations preventatively! Right before I fall asleep, we talk about three gratitudes from the day. 

What’s your favorite date activity?

We happen also to be acrobatic partners, so our practice nights often feel like date nights because we get to try new adventurous things all the time. Acro also REALLY helps with communication because we have to trust each other, not point fingers, be compassionate when one of us is having a rough day, celebrate small wins, and not try to kill each other. We’re also super into gardening, so community garden tours are always fun.

Oh, also we just bought a new fiberoptic light whip so we’ve been practicing our dance moves, which makes any night feel like a date night. 

What’s your favorite song together and why?

We recently started teaching ourselves how to harmonize! During a vacation lull we pulled up a Youtube tutorial on how to harmonize Wagon Wheel, so after listening to each part about 50 times it’s not really our favorite song, but it’s still super fun to sing. 

What are you excited about most for the next several years with your significant other?

I just asked him and he said having a big(er) garden together. For me, I’d say I’m just excited to keep getting along.