#EmiTogether: Sara Mauskopf, Founder of Winnie on how self-care helps her relationship

Our interviewee today: We’re excited to have Sara Mauskopf, Founder & CEO of Winnie, a marketplace for daycare and preschool helping over 4M parents across the United States. Sara has a background in consumer technology and product management. She’s also a mom of 2, soon to be 3, young children. Congrats Sara!

What has been a big challenge in your relationship, and what have you done to work on it?

It’s really hard with young children and me running a startup to not be either busy or exhausted all the time. The biggest challenge is making time for both ourselves and our relationship. We try to take advantage of opportunities to spend time together without the kids, but we’ve also accepted that during this season of life it just may not be possible at a high frequency (or any frequency). We enjoy our kids and the time all together as a family so that helps make it all ok. Sometimes we will take them out to a nice restaurant and joke that this our date night and they are tagging along. 

What are some positive relationship rituals and routines that you and your partner maintain?

The best thing we’ve done for our relationship is give each other some time off. Every weekend we try to give each other at least a small break so we can spend time reading or napping while the other one handles both kids. During this phase of our life, it’s more important that we each have some time to be alone and off duty than to worry about all of us always being together.

What’s your favorite date activity?

When we do get a rare date night without the kids, I love going out to dinner. It doesn’t require a lot of planning or thought and it’s nice to just be able to talk to my husband without the kids interrupting.

What are 3 things you want your children to say about the relationship you have with your partner?

I was really fortunate to grow up with parents who modeled a really healthy relationship. If my parents fought, I never knew about it. They also made a great team. I witnessed times when my dad was really sick and my mom had to step up and take care of him and run the family. I also witnessed my dad making sacrifices so my mom could go back to school and launch her career later in life. I would like my kids to say similar things about us. I want them to say my husband and I worked well together as a team, that we made sacrifices for each other, and that I as their mother remained strong and independent.

What are you excited about most for the next several years with your significant other?

My husband and I are expecting our third child in a couple months. I’m looking forward to watching our kids grow and moving past the always pregnant phase of my life. I can already see from my oldest daughter how quickly the time passes and I think these next few years are going to fly by for us.