#EmiTogether: Therese Clark, Founder of Lady Suite, on maintaining a romantic relationship when you also work together

Our interviewee today: We’re excited to have Therese Clark, Founder & CEO of Lady Suite, a modern femcare brand focused on intimate skin care and women’s wellness solutions. With 20 years as a brand and product developer, later strengthened by her own health journey, she also pioneered the first probiotic skin care line in the medical channel and honed her knowledge of integrative skin health, and the importance of vulvo/vaginal health as the gateway to whole body wellness. 

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What has been a big challenge in your relationship, and what have you done to work on it?

Definitely maintaining a romantic relationship and business/working relationship. This is tough because we both wear CEO hats in our own businesses, so we’re strong willed and play assertive roles day-to-day. He is the acting CFO in my business and to be 100% honest there can be real frustrations (on both sides) at times. We each have our unique ways of getting things done and I’m sure my tone isn’t always “wifey-ish”. He’s really good at his work but I’m also his wife vs. a client, so this role is not his full time priority. He’s also not getting paid (or laid) any extra for his help, LOL. 

What we’ve done to help is designate specific working hours and try to stay true to a date night a week. The problem is, I tend to talk about work on date night or before bed. My bad but I can’t help it sometimes. Work in progress…

What are some positive relationship rituals and routines that you and your partner maintain?

1. We’re pretty active so we like sports – tennis, skiing, and hot yoga. We try to do some of those activities together weekly minus skiing. We do try to stay true to our anniversary ski trip to Telluride, where we got married. It’s the perfect reset.

2. We both have a spiritual connection and that keeps us grounded and in our hearts vs. our heads all the time. While we don’t meditate together, we do talk about our feelings / what we’re learning about ourselves weekly. I think having a spiritual connection as individuals translates into a more solid relationship, especially when sh*t gets hard.

3. I would say sex, but that has dwindled with our startups. For the first 4 years of our relationship, it was an almost daily ritual. I think about it a lot, but I just can’t get “there” consistently. They say the hardest part about yoga is getting to your mat. I think this is a good metaphor. The hardest part about sex is getting there. My lady parts are glowing and ready to go. It’s my mind that needs a kick in the *ss.

What’s your favorite date activity?

We both love to eat out and discover new places and towns. We’re both into ambiance and good lighting 🙂

What’s your favorite song together and why?

Our wedding song was a slow rendition/woman version of Safe & Sound by Capital Cities back in 2013. It reminds us that we’re in this together. I don’t listen to it on the regular at all, and now I think it’s a song in an insurance commercial. But when I hear our version, it brings me back instantly to our wedding day, which was so fun and romantic.

What are you excited about most for the next several years with your significant other?

Travel. We haven’t made the time to do an official honeymoon. I was an owner in another start up when we got married so it wasn’t like I could escape for long. When we do go, I vow to make that the priority and I’m considering leaving my phone behind!