#EmiTogether: Alexandra Fine, Co-founder of Dame Products on morning dance parties, and her favorite date activity

Our interviewee today: We’re excited to have Alexandra Fine, Co-founder & CEO of Dame Products, a credentialed sexologist, and a member of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 2018. She co-founded Dame Products to start necessary conversations, to listen rather than assume, and to create products that enhance intimacy. After earning her Masters in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in sex therapy from Columbia, Fine decided to lend her passion and expertise to the world of sextech. In just five years, Dame Products and its meticulously engineered vibrators have been met with critical and popular acclaim, earning praise in outlets including New York Times, Forbes, Wired, BBC and most recently the Today Show.  

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What are some myths about relationships that you grew up with, if any?

I always thought falling in love was supposed to go a specific way—it’s not. I also thought  that being in a relationship is easy, and that sex is always spontaneous. None are true!

What has been a big challenge in your relationship, and what have you done to work on it?

We have communication challenges like any other couple, more than anything else. But, we’re good at fighting really well—our fights don’t feel like they’re mean, but actually end up having good outcomes. 

We also have classic co-dependency and boundary issues—I always get out of bed when he does. But we’ll also make sacrifices for each other and not realize it, like going to a party he wants me to go to when I don’t want to. There’s always a good balance. 

Getting to the openness we have in our relationship now has taken a lot of work, especially being in a “monogamish” relationship. Small steps, and lots of conversations, have helped a lot to get us where we are now. 

What are some positive relationship rituals and routines that you and your partner maintain?

We love morning dance parties. We also like to do a little wedding every morning—just a quick ceremony to say I do to each other, and make out. 

What’s your favorite date activity?

Having sex and then going out on a date and eating all the things. I also like to do things that aren’t dinner sometimes, and also love our coziness which I find sexy and beautiful. When that feels stale, we switch it up and go out somewhere together. 

What’s your favorite song together and why?

Harvest Moon is our wedding dance song.

What are you excited about most for the next several years with your significant other?

We’re really excited to create a family together—and setting roots down, to create a community together.