Meet The Emi App

Hi Emi community,

Thank you for being an early Emi user. When we started Emi in late 2018, it was a simple text service to help people become better partners and maintain their intimate relationships. Through the help of users like you, we’re now delivering daily exercises to thousands of users in a fun and easy way.

Today, we are excited to share that our iOS app is live in the app store! The app builds on the text exercises that you’re familiar with, but includes functionality that are crucial to the experience of Emi. For example, the app provides context by giving you more insights into the benefits of Emi exercises and offers a continuous approach to relationship wellness by letting you see your replies over time.

You will keep getting your daily text reminders from Emi once a day, but in addition to that, in the app you can:

  • Read your partner’s exercise reply
  • Look at your and your partner’s reply history whenever you want to remember what they said
  • Browse different exercises, learn about the benefits, and choose what you want in your daily queue
  • Read additional content and try one-off exercises
  • Manage your profile and settings

In the upcoming months, we’ll be adding more features and content to make this experience easier and better.

If you have an iPhone and haven’t yet done so, please download our app from the App Store. Emi is only available to iPhone users for now, but we hope to launch for Android users in the near future.

Thank you for your support and please do let us know how you like using the app!


If you’ve unsubscribed from Emi Text service in the past and want to check out the app, please email us at