Autumn Is For Lovers: 5 Perfect Fall Date Ideas

I live in New England and I got married in an idyllic corner of Massachusetts in early fall, so when I think about autumn, I think about romance. As the leaves change and the temperature drops, it’s the perfect time to snuggle up with your sweetie, after all. Whether or not you’re in a cozy northeastern hamlet or the sunny southwest, though, it’s time to get into the spirit of fall with some harvest time dates. These 5 ideas will help set the mood — before you know it you’ll be skipping through the leaves hand in hand.

Enjoy Apple Picking

Sure, it may be cliche, but going apple picking is the quintessential fall date for a reason. You get to enjoy the beautiful weather, eat delicious fruit, and maybe climb up on your partner’s shoulders to reach the choicest apples — plus, you can extend the date by baking a pie together or making applesauce once you get home. Make the most of your day and plan your outing to an orchard where you can get not only apples but other fall treats like maple candle, pumpkins, and, most importantly, apple cider donuts.

Fall In Full Bloom

No apple orchards where you live? No problem! One of the other great joys of fall are all of the different harvest festivals, including those focused on flowers. From great fields of sunflowers to chrysanthemums and asters, take your date to enjoy the blooms and then enjoy a sweet treat at a cafe after. May I recommend a sweet and spicy chaider to set the mood?

Make It A Movie Night

If you’re not the outdoorsy sort or the thought of heading out into the fields makes your allergies flare up, then consider getting cozy at home with a spooky movie night. Pick out your favorite horror movie or, if you’re like me, something a little tamer like the Nightmare Before Christmas, and make popped corn on the cob. Be sure to take advantage of those scary scenes to cuddle up extra close.

Head To Homecoming

Maybe you didn’t go to a college with a football team — even my graduate school didn’t have one — but you surely live near a school celebrating homecoming. Make this the year you pack a tailgate and go take in the game. You can cheer on the home team without the cost of tickets to the big league games and enjoy a flashback to your younger days.

Host A Cook Off

Nobody ever said you couldn’t make date night a double date — or invite all of your friends. Start a new fall tradition with your partner by hosting a chili cookoff or other season cooking event. You’ll get to enjoy lots of tasty dishes, spend time with your friends, and create something special together that can grow with you for years to come. Best of all, as the hosts, you and your partner get to be the judges of the winning dish.

Let the shorter days and cooler nights inspire you to rekindle the romance this fall. It’s the perfect excuse to cuddle a little closer to your partner, so enjoy this sweet season.