Family Time: 4 Activities For Father’s Day

If you spend a little time exploring internet cliches, then you know that Mother’s Day is all about that high-stress, crowded brunch experience and Father’s Day — well, Father’s Day is all about grilling. You just give dad some tongs and a spatula, maybe a funny apron, and call it a day, right? Let’s stop right there.

Father’s Day tends to be treated differently than Mother’s Day because childcare is still unevenly distributed; women still tackle more of the daily parenting tasks so Mother’s Day is often billed as a special day to pamper mom. But the fact is, roles are changing and 57% of fathers consider parenting central to their identity. Let’s honor that this Father’s Day and focus on activities that bring the family together. Besides, dad has enough grilling gear by now.

Check The Local Calendar

Many communities are working to change how we celebrate Father’s Day by filling the local calendar with fun, family friendly activities. If you’re not sure what to do, then, take a look at what’s happening in your city of neighborhood. This Father’s Day weekend, Milwaukee is hosting a run/walk and a car show, while in Central Jersey, the local minor league team, the Somerset Patriots are playing, with an added dad and kids catch, autograph session, and chance to run the bases. Just search your town’s name and Father’s Day and explore your options.

Opt For Experience Gifts

Another way to mix up Father’s Day and create opportunities for family togetherness is by skipping the normal gifts and choosing to gift a family experience. Plan a family movie night or book a cooking class together. By gifting experiences, you open up opportunities for dad to share his interests with the family and to spend time together — plus you keep the junk from piling up in your house, because dad only needs so many mugs and socks.

Hit The Lanes

Is bowling a dad thing? The internet seems to think so and it certainly was in my house! My dad bowled every Sunday during the school year, switching to golf in the summer, and since dad bowled, my sister and I bowled too. Plus, while bowling is sure to be a hit with the whole family, it’s also indoors — and air conditioned — which means you don’t have to worry about that unpredictable June weather.

Let Dad Lead

Whatever you choose to do for Father’s Day, the goal should be to find something that lets dad shine. Join dad in his favorite hobby, whether that’s fishing or DIY projects, cars or cooking. By encouraging everyone to participate, you family will be building the foundation for year round fun.

Today’s dads are more involved than those in the past, and that’s making them happier and healthier, but they still have some hurdles to overcome to be as involved as mothers — so start making a habit of togetherness. Creating those routines is at the heart of Emi’s philosophy, and it’s not just for couples. The whole family benefits by coming together.