Intro To Emi: What We Do

If you’re considering signing up for Emi, you probably have a few questions. For example, what type of service is Emi? Or, can I really do anything to improve my relationship in less than a minute each day? Well, as a new Emi user myself, I’m here to explain.

Signing Up

When you sign up for Emi, you’ll be asked for a few basic pieces of information, such as your phone number, birthday, and anniversary, but the most important thing you’ll do is select your exercises from a short list. This includes up to two exercises that you’ll repeat throughout the week and an additional special weekly exercise you’ll only do once. You can change these at any time.

It’s also important to know that you and your partner will pick your exercises independently. That means you may choose different ones, adding some variety and express your unique relationship style.

Emi Exercises

So what kind of exercises does Emi offer to users? The mainstay, and the one I started out with, is the classic gratitude question — a text asking what you’d like to thank your partner for that day. This one is self-explanatory and it’s a great way to get comfortable with the exercises.

Another one of Emi’s simple exercises is the authentic hello or goodbye. How often do you and your partner actually connect before heading to work in the morning or when returning home? Personally, when my wife gets home in the evening, I’m happy to see her but we tend to skip over the hellos and focus on what’s for dinner, who is going to feed the cats, or what bills needs to be paid. We all need a reminder to engage with our partners in a focused way when saying hello and goodbye.

For those who prefer a more physical way of engaging with their partner, Emi has exercises for you, too. One option includes just getting a little closer to your partner — Emi will remind you to take a moment to cuddle up together, while another recommends looking into each other’s eyes. At a time when most of us spend a great deal of time staring at our phones, intentionally looking away to look at your partner can be a powerful gesture.

Think Bigger

The exercises above will repeat throughout the week, and then you also have the option of selecting a special weekly exercise. These exercises dig a little deeper than the ones above and can help kickstart a larger activity or conversation. One prompt asks you to describe what activity you’d like to do with your partner over the weekend, while another asks you to identify your stressors. If something has you feeling off kilter, telling your partner what’s going on, if only through a text message, can help you communicate more effectively.

Get Started Today

Get started with your Emi exercises, but don’t stop there. To learn more about why these simple activities are so powerful, read on — in part two of this introduction, we’ll dig a little deeper into the psychology behind the prompts and how you can make that minute a day matter more in your relationship.