All For Mom: Show Mom She Matters This Mother’s Day

At Emi, we emphasize the importance of showing gratitude year round, but there are some days that call for us to do a little more — and a prime example is Mother’s Day. Mothers, after all, typically take on more than their fair share of parenting tasks, even when both parents work full time, experience more stress, and wish that fathers would do more, especially when it comes to young children. That’s why, on Mother’s Day, it’s so important to show her how much you appreciate all she does.

Create With The Kids

Parents of small children are inundated by tiny craft projects, most of which will eventually wind up in the trash, but there are always a few pieces that stand out. For Mother’s Day, help your child create a memorable craft that mom will treasure for years. Handprint art is always a hit; it tugs at mom’s heart strings to look back on those tiny hands as their children grow. Turn your child’s hand into a ring dish or candle holder with gently molded air-dry clay — make sure to date the project and write your child’s name on it. Or give mom’s jewelry collection a personal update with this salt dough thumbprint charm.

Make It Personal

Gifts from the kids tend to get all the focus on Mother’s Day, but what you do for you partner matters just as much — and one of the best things you can do is write your partner a note detailing your appreciation for her as a mother. You might thank her for her day-to-day work caring for a child, acknowledge the late nights and endless carpools, and for cleaning up all the messes that come with little kids.

More than noting all of those dull but necessary acts, tell her what you’ve noticed about how she relates to your children. Does your daughter have the same laugh? Is your son kind and gentle because of how she’s raising him? Let Mother’s Day be your occasion to say these things, because too often we overlook mom’s life changing actions. (And if you don’t know where to start, check out this viral Mother’s Day message.)

Ask What She Wants

A handmade gift and a nice note are great ways to commemorate Mother’s Day, but before you plan anything more elaborate, ask mom what she wants. Were you thinking about taking her out to brunch? That might not be as relaxing as you think. The kids want to make her breakfast in bed? Make sure you clean up thoroughly and put everything back in its proper place. Celebrating your partner shouldn’t also mean creating more work and stress for her.

By opening up your approach to Mother’s Day and asking whether mom wants a little time away from the kids, a night out just with you, or a trip to the spa, you show that you’re attentive to her needs and desires. Too often Mother’s Day turns into an opportunity for partners and kids to shower mom with attention in a way that can be exhausting and messy, and — though well-intended — in ways that make more work for mom. If this day is about her, then you need to include her in the conversation about how the day will go.

Whatever you choose to do this Mother’s Day, remember that it’s just one day on the calendar. Mom deserves to hear how much she is valued every day and that’s a conversation that goes both ways — and Emi can help. Sign up for Emi today and start making gratitude a habit. It takes less than a minute to show your appreciation and make your relationship stronger.