Love Is In The Air: 4 Spring Date Ideas

Spring is the perfect season for romantic outings. Just ask one of pop culture’s favorite hopeless romantics, Miss Rhode Island from Miss Congeniality. When asked about her perfect date, she offers the much-memed reply, “I’d have to say April 25th, because it’s not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket!” In all seriousness, though, the warm weather will have itching to get out of the house after the long winter months, making it the ideal time to plan a date with your sweetheart.

So what should you do this spring that will leave you with butterflies in your stomach? Reignite that spark with these 4 warm weather dates. There’s so much to enjoy about the season, so soak it up before the summer heat rolls into town.

Frolic Through The Fields

Flowers are perhaps the most emblematic sign of spring, so why not enjoy that bounty by taking a trip to your local botanical gardens? Not only will you get to take in the local flora, many of these gardens are home to rare plants you won’t get to see otherwise, whether that’s a greenhouse of tropical plants or a Japanese garden packed with flowering cherries, lotuses, and peonies. Some botanical gardens will also let you bring a picnic or host evening dinners featuring music, an elegant meal, and private time in the gardens.

Savor Spring’s Sweetness

If flowers aren’t your thing, maybe you prefer plant life you can eat. Well, come mid-to-late spring, strawberries will begin to peak. Hit up the local berry farm and harvest buckets of fresh berries with your honey. Then pick up a bottle of champagne and some chocolate for the ultimate romantic dessert. The strawberries will be that much sweeter because you picked them together.

Wish Upon A Star

Though shooting star is technically a misnomer — this astral phenomenon is actually a meteor, not a star — spotting one of these magical lights is still a delight. This spring, mark your calendar and go stargazing with your partner. In the northern hemisphere, the Aquariids peak on the night of May 4–5 when you can compete to spot the most stars in the hours before dawn. Drive out to somewhere dark, outside any major city, and take in the sights. The moon should be absent on that peak night, providing the best possible view.

Dine A La Cart — Or At The Carts

Dinner and a movie is fine, but if you’re going to explore the local dining scene with your partner, why not take a more creative approach? On a warm evening, explore your local downtown area and grab your dinner from the food trucks. Food trucks are having a moment right now, featuring everything from Mexican street food and grilled cheese to cajun dishes and Asian comfort foods. Some popular restaurants like LA’s Border Grill even run their own food trucks. Oh, and as for the movie, skip it and enjoy your meal while people watching. You’ll likely have more fun watching the world go by than you would in a freezing theater.

Planning a thoughtful spring date is a great way to show your partner you care and that you want to nurture your relationship — but of course you can’t enjoy an outing every night. You can, however, make every day special by signing up for Emi, your relationship reminder. In less than a minute per day, Emi allows you to build better communication habits and help you grow in your relationship. You might be surprised how a text messages can change your everyday together as a couple.