The Emi Habit: How It Happens And Why It Matters

Have you ever tried to form a new habit? Whether you’re changing your diet, going to the gym, or trying to gain control over your emails, it takes time to change your behavioral patterns — longer than the 21 days many people consider the gold standard for habit formation. Still, some habits are easier to create than others, and when it comes to tending your relationship, Emi’s got your back.

The Emi Way

Emi is your daily relationship reminder tool, sending participants daily relationship-strengthening exercises via text, but the power of the program comes down to habit. By providing daily prompts, Emi encourages couples to connect regularly, express gratitude, and form meaningful connections. It even tracks your streaks for you, motivating you to keep going.

Making Meaningful Habits

One reason that people struggle to form habits, in general, is that those habits don’t feel meaningful. Sure, you might have cognitive motivations for wanting to go to the gym more or make your bed every morning, but at an emotional level, nothing is driving you. One of the benefits of Emi’s relationship reminder program, though, is that it serves to support your most important relationship. And it’s your motivation to work on your relationship that will keep you going until these new behaviors become a habit.

What You’ll Learn

So what does Emi bring to your relationship, exactly? At its core, Emi is about communication. Some of our reminders and programs, such as our 10 Day Gratitude Challenge, are about finding new ways and reasons to express our appreciation for each other. Others emphasize mindfulness in daily life. We’re all busy and stressed and we don’t always extend our loving thoughts to our partners no matter how much we appreciate them. Emi helps close that gap.

From Habits To Values

In addition to improving communication in your relationship, Emi does more than create a habit — it underscores the values that make relationships work. In fact, many people would say that our emphasis on gratitude isn’t about habits at all; it’s a frame of mind and something to believe in. Indeed, many people build a whole philosophy based on gratitude. Showing appreciation for others and what they bring to our lives is integral to a generally optimistic outlook and can improve your mental health and resilience.

Whether you want to think about Emi as a tool for developing positive habits, as a tool for improving your relationship, or a way of living your values, don’t let this tool pass you by. Because in a culture that says presence and mindfulness are important in relationships, we don’t actually invest a lot of time in these principles, letting self-improvement efforts overwhelm our interpersonal relationships. Your relationship deserves more — and Emi is the answer. It’s time to put your partnership first, and you can make that shift in under a minute a day.