A Very Special Valentines Day: 5 Ideas For Couples

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, but before you stock up on candy and roses, stop for a moment. Do these traditional gifts add to your relationship? While I certainly won’t say no to chocolates, there’s nothing special about drug store chocolates and overpriced flowers. Instead, this Valentine’s Day, make the holiday special with one of these romantic ideas. Whether you prefer giving gifts or planning dates, use this day to foster your connection with your partner.

Play Like Kids

Valentine’s Day dates can be awfully serious, all candlelight and fancy clothes, and this can leave everyone feeling a little stiff and awkward, no matter how comfortable you are with each other. Instead of a fancy dinner or formal show, then, this Valentine’s Day, let your inner child run the show. Spend the evening at an arcade, hit the lanes at the local bowling alley, or relive the ’80s at your local roller rink. You’ll avoid the restaurant crowds and laugh more than you have in a long time.

Spark A Memory

The first few years, it’s easy to come up with a new and original Valentine’s Day activity or gift, whether you’re trying out a fancy restaurant or going to a show, but over time, it’s harder to make the holiday special. So why not make this Valentine a sweet throwback by recreating your first date? Hold hands, check out the old haunts, and remember what it was like to fall for each other.

Get Personal

Looking for the perfect gift for your special someone? Sites like Etsy make it easier than ever to find a unique gift for your partner. From simple, engraved jewelry to a custom couple portrait, the options are endless. You can even get your faces turned into cookie cutters and bake them together, then curl up on the couch with a homemade sweet treat.

Houseplants For Your Honey

One of the disappointing things about gifting flowers on Valentine’s Day is that in a few days — a week if you’re lucky — they’ll be dead. For a lasting alternative, consider giving your sweetheart a houseplant that will thrive for years to come. Low maintenance plants like succulents are especially popular right now, but you can opt for any of dozens of houseplants. If your partner has a green thumb, for example, consider gifting a delicate but beautiful orchid. Or, if your partner likes to cook, potted herbs may be the perfect choice.

Build Connection

Finally, it’s important to remember that Valentine’s Day is just one day of the year, so while how you recognize the day matters, every other day is important too. This Valentine’s Day, then, give your relationship some lasting attention by signing up for Emi. Emi is your daily relationship reminder service, providing daily prompts meant to improve communication and nurture your relationship. In under a minute a day, you can develop positive habits that will strengthen your bond as a couple. Now that’s a gift that will last after the chocolate and roses are gone.