Relax & Retreat: Vacationing As A Couple Will Benefit Your Relationship

Many couples have mixed feelings about traveling; trips take planning, can be expensive, and anyone who has ever been in a vacation fight knows that traveling can be stressful. But put the fights and finances out of your mind for a moment and imagine the possibilities your next vacation holds. When done right traveling with a partner can bring you closer together and help you to grow as a couple and build memories that will last a lifetime.

Vacations Reignite The Romance

The longer two people have been in a relationship, the easier it is to fall into a rut. Couples that travel together, though, are more likely to feel that their relationship is still romantic compared to those who don’t take vacations together, in large part because vacations force you to be more spontaneous and to accept when things go wrong. Choosing great destinations can also inspire a sense of wonder at the world that you’ll share with your partner, whether you’re camping in one of our national parks or snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. The excitement of exploration infuses everything.

Travel Teaches Conflict Resolution

It’s true that many couples fight during their vacations, but those arguments aren’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, unlike fighting at home, where it’s easy to pick on daily issues, arguing while on vacation can force you to look at your conflicts through a new lens and research shows that couples who travel together are more likely to say that they handle their differences well and to describe their partner as patient. It’s just easier to laugh off an unmade bed or a forgotten errand after you’ve missed the last bus back from a remote landmark or fought over who forgot to pack the tent stakes.

Vacation Memories Matter

My wife and I have an annual vacation tradition that takes us from wherever we’re calling home at the time to a campsite in rural Maryland — and that tradition is so important to us that we’ve made the trip by plane from Georgia, as part of a 2 week long road trip starting in New York, and from Massachusetts, just two weeks after moving into a new apartment. We’re committed to that trip and we talk about it year round because those vacation memories matter, even the memories of those many hours on the road.

When you travel with your partner, you are building a history as a couple and you’ll tell those stories to friends or bring them up when something funny happens at home. You might also make a scrapbook together with travel pictures, create a travel map marking places you’ve been, or send yourselves postcards from your destinations. In the past, people turned their memories into long slide shows that they showed to friends and family. The whole point is to treasure a shared experience and reinforce the positive feelings associated with that trip.

Bonding Beyond Vacation

Taking a vacation is a gift you can give yourselves as a couple, and the trips don’t need to be big. Even a weekend getaway to somewhere nearby can bring an added spark to your daily life and create magical memories. The only trouble is that every day can’t be a vacation — but you can make your relationship stronger every day with help from Emi. In less than a minute per day, Emi’s relationship reminder texts can improve your communication and bring you and your partner closer. Sign up today and start building happy habits — it really is that easy.