4 Cozy Date Ideas for a Chilly Winter Day

It can be challenging to find ways to stay content, let alone lively or romantic, throughout a cold and often tedious winter. Here are some ways to stay warm, stay connected, and keep the romance alive.

Volunteering together

Nothing beats the winter blues quite like getting out there and helping people less fortunate than yourselves, and there is so much need for it around the holidays. You can volunteer at a nearby homeless shelter or soup kitchen, lend your time to your local hospital or animal shelter, or even spend some time lending your support to a political candidate you care about. There are so many ways to give back to your community, and getting involved in something you both care about can be a great bonding experience for you and your partner to explore and share your common values and interests.. Not sure where to start? Try looking on volunteermatch.org or unitedway.org to find volunteer opportunities in your area.

Museum visit

Whether the area you live in is urban, rural, or suburban, there are always interesting museums nearby. Visiting a museum is a great family activity, but it can be a great one-on-one activity for a couple as well. You may discover interests that you never knew you had, or learn something new about your partner and their interests that can lead to you both finding new things in common. Finding these common interests can help you bond further, giving you more opportunities to learn more about each other and try something new. It’s also a great way to spend quiet time away from screens and other distractions — all while staying warm on a cold day.

Ice skating or other winter sports

If you and your partner are athletically inclined, try going out sledding or ice skating, or even join a local sporting league. Outdoor exercise has tons of health benefits, and it’s a great way to stay energetic and healthy. The endorphins combined with that extra boost of Vitamin D will keep you both extra happy — a good way to combat the winter blues and cabin fever that can sneak up on you throughout the coldest and bleakest winter days. And nothing fosters togetherness quite like teamwork!

Cozy night in at home

After all, there’s no reason a “date night” has to be out of the house. A cozy night in at home can be just as special. Get a sitter for the kids and stay comfortable and warm indoors with a homemade dinner and a favorite movie, put some logs on the fireplace, and turn what could be just another night in into something really unique and memorable.

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